The Rainbow Aurora

The Rainbow Aurora

We're bringing a lighting artwork to George Street.

Look out for a net of rainbow lights in the sky during Dunedin Pride Month!

The Rainbow Aurora is a celebration of Pride, re-imaged through the wonder of the Southern Lights. An artistic statement designed to bring the global Pride kaupapa to Ōtepoti, this bold and vibrant lighting installation will showcase the unique beauty of our local community and environment.

In the Rainbow Aurora, Kā Kurakura o Hinenuitepō (Aurora Australis) is recreated in full-spectrum colour and presented for discovery above George Street. The installation consists of 150 linear metres of LED festoon lighting mapped to animation. This animation, of the shifting rainbow aurora, moves the lights to create an ever-changing lightwork display.

The Rainbow Aurora will be on George Street for Dunedin Pride Month, from March 7th. Check it out and enjoy photography with the changing light colours. 

The Rainbow Aurora is all about the unique feeling of LGBT+ Pride in Ōtepoti Dunedin. It celebrates the whakapapa of Pride, and our beautiful natural environment, together. 

Where: George Street, Dunedin City Centre
When: Nightly during Dunedin Pride Month, starting March 7th


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