The Open Book

A group for lovers of the queer universe, thorugh books, film, music and art.

We’ve partnered up with Dunedin Public Libraries to create a reading group all about queer stories. It’s a space for us to share thoughts, explore media and celebrate how amazing our LGBT+ writers and creators are.

The Open Book runs by seasons, with the dates for the upcoming season two below.

  1. 25th August
  2. 8th September
  3. 22nd September
  4. 6th October
  5. 20 October
  6. 3rd November

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About season two

This season’s theme is: Fairy tales and other magical fantasy

During a season, we will have a main reading list, comprised of six books or pieces of media. These will be announced via email to the group.


Sound like a bit of you? 

New participants are welcome! To sign up, just send us a message below with your details and a note that you’d like to join the Open Book. New members are welcome anytime.